Ontario Walleye Fishing

The Spanish River is well known for not only having high populations of Walleye but big trophy Walleye. Our location is remote and far enough north that pollution or over-fishing is not a factor. But, we are far enough south that we have a long growing season, which has resulted in a river with some of the biggest Walleyes in Ontario. The thousands of shoals, islands, perfect spawning grounds and high bait forage also contribute to the incredible Walleye fishing.

Walleyes in our area taste great. The meat is very lean and they cook up white and fluffy. Many of our guests go out in the morning and catch dinner and then spend the rest of the day fishing for the multiple species of game fish that our water system has to offer.

Walleye average about 2 pounds in our area but many bigger Walleyes over 5 pounds are caught and released on a regular basis. We do ask that guest release any Walleyes over 3 pounds as they are the breading stock and do not taste as good as the smaller 2-pounders, which are the perfect eating size. This will give everyone the chance to catch good numbers and keep our Walleye fishery healthy.

Walleye Fishing Regulations:

  • View Regulations for the Spanish River (zone 10 - Adobe .pdf)
  • View Regulations for North Channel & Georgian Bay (zone 14 - Adobe .pdf) (scroll down past zone 13 information.
  • Walleye Fishing Tips
  • View Big Map of North Channel

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