Ontario Muskie Fishing

No fish fights harder or has a more ferocious appetite then a Muskie, which is the nickname for Muskellunge. These fish can reach great sizes. In 1994, the MNR started stocking Muskie in our water system. Now these Muskie are in the 20 pound range and still growing.

Even though the stocked Muskie are in the 20 pound range and the most common Muskie caught, a natural Muskie population does exists and these older fish can potentially be over 55 inches and reach weights of 40 pounds.

Many of our guests who are Muskie hunters commonly catch monster pike, which is also a hard fighting fish. Pike can also reach great sizes. Northern Pike in our area are very common so you will catch more Pike than Muskie. The important thing is you are catching fish and having fun.

Muskie Fishing Regulations:

  • View Regulations for the Spanish River (zone 10 - Adobe .pdf)
  • View Regulations for North Channel & Georgian Bay (zone 14 - Adobe .pdf) (scroll down past zone 13 information.

    Please click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free

  • Vance's Resort recommends that you follow the Catch and Release guidelines at Muskie's Canada to minimize trauma and to ensure a healthy Muskie fishery for our children!

    Special thanks to Ken Taggart, (Editor) of Muskie Canada for great info & suggestions on how to display & hold Muskie. For more great resources, check out www.muskiescanada.ca

    Happy Fishing

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