Ontario Northern Pike Fishing

The Spanish River and areas of the North Channel have incredible Northern Pike fishing. Lots of weedy bays and drop-offs create an awesome environment for pike to grow big. Over 15 pound Northern Pike are common with lots of 20-pounders being caught and released all summer.

It's easy to catch lots of smaller good eating size pike. Pike in the 2 to 4 pound range in our water system taste very much like Walleye when they are fresh. Unfortunately, pike don't taste as good after they have been frozen so it's best to get your fill of fresh pike while you are here at the lodge.

Northern Pike Fishing Regulations:

  • View Regulations for the Spanish River (zone 10 - Adobe .pdf)
  • View Regulations for North Channel & Georgian Bay (zone 14 - Adobe .pdf) (scroll down past zone 13 information.
  • Northern Pike Fishing Tips
  • View Big Map of North Channel

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